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Where To Spend The Winter Holidays

When one thinks of winter holidays, immediately the mind thinks of snow, cold weather and Christmas markets. The skiing enthusiast wait all year round, for the snow to come and enjoy their holiday on the snow. If you are not a skiing enthusiast but still love winter, then many European countries offer what you are […]

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Christmas In Malta Like A Local

Valletta fireworks by night

Spend Christmas in Malta like a local. Christmas in Malta and Gozo is celebrated for its religious significance but also for its social aspect. During this time of year you can attend many organized events all over Maltese islands. If you love Christmas, but do not like the cold weather, then you should spend the […]

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The Best Christmas Markets In Europe

Spending the festive season in one of the European countries can be magical. It is easy to understand why everyone wants to be surrounded with wooden chalets, seasonal food, mulled wine and Christmas decorations. The cities and towns twinkle with lights that decorate the streets. If this sounds exciting, then you will find yourself lots […]

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Winter Short Break Holiday Ideas

Winter Short Break Holiday Ideas Christmas Markets

Winter is finally here and so are we with our winter short break holiday ideas. First that comes to mind, being in November, is Christmas. There’s numerous cities around Europe are already being nicely decorated, some of them are even starting to prepare their Christmas markets. They are surely a must-visit. One of the most […]

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Emirates Airline Dubai Package Holiday

UAE Dubai Park and Resorts

Dubai, the city built in the desert. It’s not well know that this city enjoys a number of artificial rivers, etc … It is said that that this city, amongst others, was built from ideas taken elsewhere around the world. Sheiks do travel a lot and whenever they’re around the world and likes something they […]

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Best School To Study English Malta

English Courses Malta Outing

Best School to Study English Malta Malta, the small independent island in the middle of the Mediterranean enjoys beautiful weather almost all year round. The island is well known for its religious environment, no wonder there’s around 365 churches. That’s practically 1 for every day! With these in mind, and other things like safety, etc […]

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Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Package Tour

Vienna City Center Aerial View

We heard so many times how nice Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic are. Today we’re giving you the chance to visit them all at one go, a 5 day Austria Czech Republic Slovakia package tour. Tours starts in Malta on the 31st October 2017. The tour takes you to numerous places and sites in […]

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Milan Juventus Match October 2017

Milan vs Juventus match Serie A October 2017 Package

Love football? Are you a Milan or Juventus fan? Love traveling? Have some extra cash to spare? Then this is for you! Mark the date, 28th October 2017. Most of you already know this date and, yes, it’s the day A.C. Milan & Juventus will be playing against each other. We, D.H.I. (Dream Holidays Int.) […]

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June 2016 Last Minute Offers

Malta Last Minute 4 Star Offers

Life is getting more and more stressful and this is why regular breaks are of utmost importance in today’s world. Not all can afford the luxury to regularly take a week or 2 holiday, and off from their work, and this is why we created some good last minute package deals to Malta starting from […]

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