5 Star Westin Dragonara Resort Luxury ApartmentJust as one can find a variety of hotels on the islands, same one can find a variety of apartments / holiday flats. These units come as self-catering and would include a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette, based on your exigencies and your budget! These are more like a home away from home accommodation! Stay at your own comfort, don’t have much people coming in regularly to clean your room and, above all, have the chance to cook and eat whatever you wish! You won’t need to waste all that time wondering around looking for the ideal place where you can have the food you like, whether something in particular or cause you’re after eating something healthy! Go to the nearest supermarket, grab what you want and do it yourself, at the comfort of your place!

Sea View Units at the Cheap 115 The Strand HotelEven though there is some kind of standard classifications for apartments, just like one finds in hotels, the apartments aren’t really being officially split up on the Maltese islands, except for when they’re Luxury Apartments and/or when they form part of a hotel. There isn’t much luxury apartments to rent on the islands, however, one can still find a some. the Majority are found around Sliema / St Julians area, mostly known for the nice walks one can enjoy by the sea, the variety of shops, restaurants and the nightlife! These apartments usually come with a fully equipped kitchen / kitchenette, washing machine, dishwasher and, most of the time, include a balcony and/or terrace with nice views of the countryside and/or sea view!

Just like any other residential apartments, rental apartments do come in the form of Studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and as penthouses too. In some, but rare cases, one can even find a 4 bedroom one! Standard non-luxury apartments will have the usual fully equipped kitchen / kitchenette but won’t have the other luxury stuff like washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Most of the apartments, nowadays, whether luxury or not, do offer as well wifi service.

Budget Dragonara St Julians ApartmentsAvailable on the Maltese Islands are also a number of units which are designed specifically for students, that is available as a share in option and close to schools, whether to join an English School or even for those coming over for a long period of time to study at the University.

There’s surely something for everyone, something to suit one’s needs and budget. Malta is know to be a safe place for anyone, be it for students, couples and families alike, whether on business or leisure!