Amada Hotel Siracusa. As the name states the hotel is situated in the beautiful city of Siracusa. Siracusa is in the southeast corner of the island of Sicily beside the Ionian Sea. With its Greek and Arab influences, Siracusa has a lot to offer to tourists. All its monuments, archaeological sites and white sandy beaches makes it unique location. The city is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Amada Hotel

In the midst of all this history, just a few minutes away from the highway; away from the city noises is the Amanda Hotel, Siracusa. It is a place where one can relax after a day out and about enjoying the history and food of Siracusa. The Hotel’s décor has very clean lines and with its quotes and pictures it will remind you of the beauty of Sicily.

Amada Hotel Siracusa Confort Room Sicily

The property has been recently converted into a hotel, however, being family run and its environment does make this place your home away from home. We’ve had hands on experience of this property. Being honest, we have to say that for those visiting Siracusa and/or the area around it; it’s one of those places one should seriously consider staying at.

The rooms at the Amada Hotel Siracusa all have natural light, and their décor resonates the colours of Sicily. The rooms have all the amenities one would expect for a pleasant stay. All rooms come with air conditioning, satellite tv, hairdryer, safe, frigo bar and also wifi. It is the perfect retreat. The rooms have as well. a good-sized terrace. One can find here a table with comfortable chairs, perfect to enjoy a relaxed evening with friends.

Taste of Sicilian Cuisine

Amada Hotel Breakfast Sicilian Delicacies

The Amada Hotel Siracusa offers its guests some typical Sicilian sweet and savoury treats. The Hotel is offering these treats everyday to the guests during breakfast. Food is an integral part of life in Sicily so make sure you try some typical Sicilian food during your stay.

After a day out and about what better way then to relax next to the pool and the surrounding greenery. Rejuvenate and get ready for another day. The staff at the Amanda Hotel Siracusa, are friendly and ready to assist you with all your needs.

Enjoy the colours, scents and flavours of Siracusa not only by staying at the Amanda Hotel Siracusa but also by visit the city centre of this magnificent Sicilian town.

The Historical Sites

Ear of Dionsius Sicily

The Ear of Dionysius cave Siracusa Italy. There are many sites one can visit, like The Greek Theatre which is impressive to say the least. It is one of the biggest Greek theaters in the world and entirely carved into the rock. Another must see whilst in Siracusa is the famous cave, Ear of Dionysius. As the name suggests it is ear shaped. Besides that, it is famous for its acoustic effects inside cave. The legend says that Dionysus used it as a jail and used to eavesdrop on the conversations done by the prisoners.

If you are a food lover than a must stop is the Ortygia market. Here you will encounter with explosion of scents and authentic flavours. It is the best opportunity to get to know local products, buy authentic food and learn some authentic Sicilian recipes.

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