Spend Christmas in Malta like a local. Christmas in Malta and Gozo is celebrated for its religious significance but also for its social aspect. During this time of year you can attend many organized events all over Maltese islands.

If you love Christmas, but do not like the cold weather, then you should spend the festive season in Malta. Despite the weather gets colder during the month of December, it is not as cold as other countries. The visitors are always fascinated with tradition of decorating the streets with Christmas lights. Not to forget to mention beautiful Christmas villages, crib exhibitions and traditional Christmas food.

When visiting Malta, would be nice to see a few Churches, which will be decorated with lights and nativity cribs at this time of year . Many Maltese are going the traditional mid-night mass on Christmas Eve, with the ‘Priedka tat-Tifel’ which means ‘the preaching of the child’. A child normally aged between seven to ten years, does the preaching of the sermon during mid-night mass instead of the priest. The child tells the story of the birth of Jesus. It has become customary that after mid-night mass, families go for early breakfast in Hotels.

Visit the beautiful cribs

Malta crib in Christmas

The crib tradition is quite popular around the Maltese islands. One can find a crib in almost every household however it has become a tradition, that some villages organize live nativity trails and crib. Whilst visiting Malta, one can find various crib exhibitions which entrance is normally a goodwill donation. In the last couple of years, many localities have taken it a step further and organized Christmas villages. You can find a variety of stalls from food to Christmas decorations to artisan items.


Whenever you decide to visit Malta you simply cannot miss the capital city, Valletta. During the Christmas season is even more magical. The streets are radiant from with Christmas lights and you can hear carol singing everywhere. The Christmas spirit is just so alive. For the shopping enthusiasts, during this time of year, shops are open every day throughout the day. Shopping malls are beautifully decorated. They are also organizing activities such as photos with Father Christmas and carol singing.

Most of the Maltese spend Christmas with family and friends. On Christmas day, families gather together and enjoy a family cooked lunch or else have lunch at one of the many restaurants and hotels around the island.

Valletta Waterfront Christmas decoration

Whether travelling as a family or as a couple, you will find an activity to suit your liking. Many of the Christmas activities are free of charge so they will not break the bank. During this festive you can expect that the days are a bit colder. But don’t forget that Malta is still blessed with some sunny days! That makes shopping much more enjoyable. It is a place where all the family can enjoy itself.

If you enjoy satirical theater, then you must visit one of the pantomimes. It normally starts a couple of days before Christmas and runs till January. The performances are very popular with the locals and visitors. Make sure you get your ticket on time!

Spend Christmas in Malta like a Local and share with us your trip! We’d love to hear from you and believe other travelers do too.

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