Winter is finally here and so are we with our winter short break holiday ideas. First that comes to mind, being in November, is Christmas. There’s numerous cities around Europe are already being nicely decorated, some of them are even starting to prepare their Christmas markets. They are surely a must-visit. One of the most popular one is definitely Munich, but there’s loads of others one should consider going to. Starting from Germany, the main and most popular markets are found in Berlin, Cologne, Dresden and Nuremberg. Austria is as well a destination to consider for such atmosphere. Another place which is worth going to is Poland. We don’t usually hear much of this country but it does have a lot to offer. Visit Krakow this Christmas, you will surely not be disappointed. Those of you who wish to go to any of these places are free to contact us. Group tours are being organies to Poland from the 5th till the 10th December and Germany from the 5th till the 9th December.

Andre Rieu concert in Dublin

We’d like to put forward a suggestion to those who love orchestra, choir, etc … Andre Rieu will be Live in Concert in Dublin at the beginning of December. Andre Rieu will be there with his Johann Strauss orchestra, choir and soloists. Non-stop classical operetta, waltzes and musicals will be filling in this memorable evening. A tour is being organised leaving Malta on the 7th of December returning on the 12th. We believe that this tour is a must, combine the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere in Dublin together with an unforgettable event.

We have something for the religious ones too. Another Europe winter short break holiday ideas is Lourdes. Those who are into religious life and would like to experience some tranquillity then it’s a must to Lourdes. If you believe in Christianity then this is a must and at the beginning of December we will be celebrating the Immaculate Conception. There’s surely no better time to visit this place. Those interested in joining a tour for this special occasion, a tour is being organised leaving Malta on the 5th December returning on the 9th.

Holy Land Tour

Another option for those who’d love to experience religion and its origin in more depth, another idea would be the Holy Land. A 9 day tour, starting on the 26th of January is being organised with a focus on Jesus’s birth place and other important sites mentioned in the Gospels. A detailed explanation with onsite site visits will be given by Rev. Evan Caruana as to Jesus’s life.

The last Idea we’re going to share with you today is with regards to New Year’s Eve! 3 destinations are being organised for you to enjoy the end and beginning of the New Year with a difference. Choose from Vienna – Austria, Lake Bled – Slovenia or Plitvice Lakes – Croatia. 3 intriguing destinations you’ll remember all year round.

This winter we thought about it all for you with the Winter Short Break Holiday Ideas. Take up one of our partnered tours and make good use of the break you surely deserve.

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